Top 3 Must Have Women's Footwear This Festive Season.

by Chere Vogue on Sep 12, 2022

Top 3 womens footwear for festive season

We all know how difficult it is to juggle between festive enthusiasm and prepping for it!

Our festivals are known to be full of tradition and culture and so is our wardrobe during this time. There’s a sudden change of mood on everybody’s faces & it’s the happiest time of the year.

As we are steadily progressing toward the festive season, it's time we ladies start planning our looks for all the parties to whom we will be invited! Bid a brief goodbye to your pajamas & t-shirts & get ready to slip into something more Flashy & Shiny!

While you’re choosing your best ethnic look, take a look at Chere’s Top 3 must have women's footwear this festive season because let us not forget - good shoes are like makeup for the feet.

1) The Metallic Touch

You can never go wrong with a pair of Metallic Heels!

They’re Strappy & Super Classy.

multi strap heels

There are two ways you can style your evening party look by wearing these Metallic Silver Block Heels.

· Classic Black Saree

Our timeless love for sarees is never ending because simplicity & sophistication never go out of style. And before everything, a black saree can never go wrong as it is an Indian version of a Little Black Dress & we love it.

It’s simpler to style a black saree because it is like a blank canvas. Keep your makeup neutral & add a pop of shimmer to your outfit with a pair of statement earrings that go well with our Metallic Block Heels.

Now that you know how to achieve an effortlessly elegant look, let’s move on to our next #styletip.

· A shade of Red for every woman!

 Nothing attracts attention like a red kurta and there is a shade of red for every woman. It sometimes can be tricky to style a red kurta because we don’t want it to be extra flashy or in your face but, a Jhumka can easily make your outfit more subtle & classy. Finish off your ethnic look with our metallic block heels & get ready to step out in absolute fineness!

2) The Floral Edit

Florals exclude a feminine feel & floral prints are always in fashion! Chere’s floral print block heels can add a twist to your brunch date look!

Let us tell you how you can style a brunch festive look with our block heeled  Sandals –

· A jumpsuit for every occasion


pastel yellow heels

We all love a feminine fit & jumpsuits are trusted for every occasion and event!

Be it a formal meeting or a lounge day at home, jumpsuits can always be styled as per your mood & experience. Slick Your hair back in a bun for a defined look & add a nose pin to create drama!

3) It’s Shimmer Time

 Chere’s Glitter Finish Strap Sandals are going to be stacked at the top of your footwear closet because let’s be honest – they’re dripping luxury. Scored high for sophistication, they are meant for the night & can be styled in numerous ways.

breakup party

Chere as a brand stays true to its promise of delivering styles boasting of sheer elegance & luxury. Our label can be made synonymous with intricate craftsmanship & bold colours which replicate a strong sense of individualism.

We hope this article motivated you to get out of your seat & start prepping for a time off with family, friends & colleagues.