How To Choose Your ‘Perfect Match’ Footwear This Wedding Season?

by Chere Vogue on Apr 29, 2023

How To Choose Your ‘Perfect Match’ Footwear This Wedding Season?

The wedding season is upon us, and it's time to put on our dancing shoes and celebrate in style! But wait, have you thought about the perfect footwear to match your stunning attire? Your footwear can make or break your entire look, so it's crucial to choose the right pair that not only complements your outfit but also keeps you comfortable throughout the wedding rituals and events.

Come, let’s find your solemate, or the perfect sandals for Indian weddings that go with your oh-so-gorgeous wedding dresses.

Because we all know how much a bridesmaid needs to be prepared for last-minute bridal needs, right?

Whether you're wearing a gorgeous saree, a mesmerizing lehenga, an elegant evening gown, or a chic salwar kurta, here's a guide to help you pick the perfect match for ladies footwear for wedding season.

Saree Sensation:

Sarees are a true symbol of Indian women showcasing their beauty and elegance. And choosing the right footwear for a wedding saree can enhance their beauty even more. If you're wearing a traditional silk saree, opt for classic gold or silver sandals with intricate detailing to match the richness of the fabric. For a modern twist on a traditional saree, you can go for embellished heels or stilettos in bold colors like maroon, royal blue, or emerald green to add a touch of glamor. If you're wearing lightweight chiffon or georgette saree, consider wearing delicate flats or mules in pastel shades to keep your feet comfortable without compromising on style. So, what’s stopping you from getting your Desi Girl look?

Lehenga Love:

Lehengas are the go-to choice for weddings and can make you feel like a princess. Admit it, we all have dreamt to get the perfect look after seeing the Bollywood actresses doll up.
When it comes to footwear for wedding lehenga, there are plenty of options to choose from. If you're wearing a heavily embroidered lehenga, opt for statement-making heels in metallic shades like gold or rose gold to match the bling of your outfit. You can also go for heels adorned with crystals or stones to add an extra touch of sparkle. If you're wearing a simple or pastel lehenga, you can experiment with colorful heels or wedges in contrasting hues to create a stunning and breathtaking look. If you're going for a boho or fusion look, you can pair your lehenga with embroidered mules for a trendy yet comfortable choice. So, which style are you going to choose?

Elegant Evening Gowns:

Evening gowns are perfect for black-tie weddings or receptions, and they exude sophistication and glamor. When it comes to footwear for wedding gowns, you need to strike the right balance between style and comfort. If you're wearing a long, flowy gown, consider wearing strappy heels in neutral shades like black, nude, or silver to elongate your legs and add a touch of elegance. If you're wearing a sleek and chic gown, you can go for stilettos or pumps in bold colors like red, wine, or navy blue to make a statement. For a more comfortable option, you can opt for kitten heels or block heels that provide stability without compromising on style.

Salwar Kurti Chic:

Salwar kurtis are perfect for a traditional yet comfortable look at weddings. Also, they are perfect to make reels when put together with comfortable footwear that lets you groove nonstop Otherwise, what’s a solemate if it can’t comfort you? 

For a classic look, you can pair your salwar kurti with toe ring kolhapuris in subtle colors that go along with your outfit. If you're going for a fusion look, you can opt for strappy sandals or wedges in metallic shades to add a touch of modernity. If you prefer a more casual and comfortable look, you can wear flats in earthy tones or vibrant hues to complete your ensemble.

Hey, we haven’t got it all. There is something more you need to know before picking the perfect footwear for Indian wedding.

Here are a few Pro Tips from us that will make the process of choosing your solemate much easier. (Thanks us later!)

  • Comfort is key: Wedding festivities can last for hours, so make sure to choose footwear that keeps you comfortable throughout the day or night. Consider factors like heel height, shoe size, and cushioning to ensure a pain-free experience.


  • Match the tone and style: Your footwear should complement the overall tone and style of your outfit. Despite the colors mentioned above, you can also go for other colors that attract you. Also, don’t forget to consider the purse and accessories you will carry along with your outfit. They can also help you in deciding which color to choose.


  • Consider the venue: Think about the wedding venue when choosing your footwear. If it is an outdoor wedding on a grassy lawn, consider wearing wedges or flats to avoid sinking into the ground. For indoor weddings or formal settings, you can opt for heels or stilettos for a more polished look. This is a lifesaver hack.


  • Personal style matters: Lastly, remember that your footwear is an expression of your personal style. Choose a pair that reflects your personality and makes you feel confident and comfortable. Don't be afraid to experiment with different styles, colors, and designs to find the perfect match footwear that compliments your outfit and makes you feel like a fashionista on the wedding day!


So there you have it, my divas! Choosing the perfect wedding footwear for ladies is not just about looking fabulous, but also about feeling comfortable and confident throughout the celebrations.

And don’t forget to dance and mingle while flaunting your solemate. Because let’s be honest, not everyone has this secret guide like you!

Here's to a fabulous wedding season with the perfect footwear to match! Cheers!